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Credit Unions' Tax Status Well Deserved

Credit unions were created to provide financial services in a democratic, not-for-profit, cooperative manner—that is, with member ownership and control. Those unique characteristics are the foundation of the tax exemption. You may not even realize that your credit union doesn't pay federal and corporate income tax.

Some bankers and their trade associations are asking legislators to tax credit unions, even though it was only banks that needed and took huge government bailouts. And the truth is, a tax hike on credit unions would be a tax hike on all American consumers.

Stay Connected, and Safe, with Online Banking

When logging in to online banking, your focus may be on the balance in your account, or on ensuring that a check has been deposited.  While these numbers are certainly important, we also encourage you to focus on the security of your account information. Here are the Top 10 tips that credit unions offer their members about securing their online banking accounts…