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Rising Star

Congratulations to our very own Rising Star! We are proud to announce that Amanda Grelha was recognized by the Cooperative Credit Union Association on April 29th as a recipient of the 2015 Rising Star Award. Read More

Home Depot breach

On September 2, 2014 the retail merchant, Home Depot, began an investigation after the company received reports from its banking partners and law enforcement that criminals may have hacked its payment data systems.

On September 8, 2014, Home Depot officially confirmed a data breach. They have indicated that the unauthorized access to its systems could potentially impact any customer that has used their payment card at their U.S and Canadian stores since April, 2014.

Heartbleed Bug Update

The widespread Heartbleed Bug is a vulnerability in the open-source OpenSSL cryptography library that was announced on April 7, 2014. This issue allows attackers to gain access to usernames and passwords, pose as legitimate websites to bait users into revealing personal information, and compromise a user’s web session to pose as that user.