Signature Loan/ Overdraft Loans

Signature Loan

An Arrha Credit Union Signature Loan is a fixed rate unsecured loan that you can use for any worthwhile purpose. Use the money for vacation, education, home improvements, or other major purchases.

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Overdraft Loan

Arrha Credit Union's Overdraft Loan is an unsecured loan based upon a pre-established credit limit. Write yourself a loan anytime, for $50 or more any time you need it, up to your credit limit, to pay those unexpected bills that aren't covered by your checking account.

Get the benefit of overdraft protection on your checking account with your Overdraft loan. It’s a convenient way to have credit available whenever you need it and can be accessed through ATMs, Easy Bank, your Arrha Credit Union checking account or simply request a cash advance.

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Overdraft Protection**
Annual Percentage Rate
Personal Loans**
Term Annual Percentage Rate Cost per $1,000
12 months 11.740% $88.78
24 months 12.240% $47.22
36 months 12.990% $33.71
48 months 13.240% $26.97
60 months 13.990% $23.28
72 months 14.990% $21.16